F3/A2 is an activated Bentonite , processed from high content of specially selected montmorillonite. F3/A2 is very suitable and superior characteristics for all kinds of foundry applications.


CHEMICAL PROPERTIES     (On dry basis at 105 oC)




Moisture Content %
5% Suspension , pH  
Swelling ml per 2 g of clay
Liquid Limit % , min.
ml of methylene Blue ml per 0.5 g of clay
Dry particle size % pass 200 mesh , min.



Green Compression Strength kg/cm2
Green Shear Strength kg/cm2
Mould Hardness Scale "B"
Green Permeability Large Orifice
Dry Compression Strength kg/cm2

Method : 88.6 % New Sand , 8 % F3/A2 , 3.4 % Water (5 Min. Mixing Time)