FD is an activated Bentonite , processed from high content of specially selected montmorillonite. FD is very suitable and superior characteristics for all kinds of foundry applications.


CHEMICAL PROPERTIES     (On dry basis at 105 oC)




Moisture Content %
5% Suspension , pH  
Swelling ml per 2 g of clay , min
Liquid Limit % , min.
ml of methylene Blue ml per 0.5 g of clay , min.
Dry particle size % pass 200 mesh , min.



Green Compression Strength kg/cm2
Green Shear Strength kg/cm2
Mould Hardness Scale "B"
Green Permeability Large Orifice
Dry Compression Strength kg/cm2

Method : 88.6 % New Sand , 8 % FD , 3.4 % Water (5 Min. Mixing Time)