Thai Nippon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 with registered capital of 30 million baht and assets 100 million baht as a manufacturer and exporter of Bentonite for various fields of application under registered trade name of “Mac-Gel”. Our products supply a wide range for ceramic , metal casting , construction , animal feed , oil drilling , water drilling , water treatment and pet litter industry. Our mine is located at the province of Lopburi ensuring the long-term supply of a constantly high quality of raw bentonite.

At Thai Nippon Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.,We employ over 40 well-trained professionals, and have a manufacturing plant covering over 10,000 sqm, with an annual production capacity of 25,000 metric tons and turnover 100 million baht. Our product meets an agreed-upon international standard both in terms of quality and reliability.




Mac-Gel Bentonite is suitable for both drilling and construction industries where it is utilized to control viscosity , maintain drill-hole or excavation dimension and suspend cutting.

Its use is widely recommended in all mud application such as

- Water Explorations
- Piling
- Diaphragm Wall
- Well Drilling
- Tunnel Excavations
- Ore Mine Constructions
- Drill and Typical Excavations in general


Mac-Gel Bentonite is processed from high content (more than 80%) of specially selected montmorillonite. Its properties will suit all kinds of foundry application.

Mac-Gel’s reliable properties guarantee :

1. High liquid Limit (more than 500%) when using in a wet system , ensures proper permeability and also allows the sand mixture easy to make a high quality mould.

2. High green compression and green shear strengths and including green hardness for high quality mould making.

3. High ml of methylene blue indicates that Mac-Gel possess more active montmorillonite content and also high reclaiming characteristics.

4. Better break down due to lower strength when using in a dry system.


Mac-Gel Bentonite is processed by montmorillonite and complies with the requirement of ceramic industries. It’s suitable for both body and glaze where it is used to control viscosity , develop thixotropic properties in suspension.

Mac-Gel allows higher green strength in the body and lower usage of clays in the formula.



Mac-Gel is highly adsorbent mineral Bentonite particularly suitable as a quality Pet Litter.

• Mac-Gel reacts immediately ; it forms compact lumps when it becomes wet , so that not a single drop can pass through.

• Mac-Gel has a low dust grain texture and does not stick to paws and fur.

• Mac-Gel is a special clay with good adsorptive properties. It is an environmentally safe product. After use , it can be reemployed as a composting aid.

• Mac-Gel adsorptive capacity assures safe binding of bacteria and odours without and chemical additives.



- Thickeners

- Flocculants

- Filtration aids

- Bleaching clay

- Waste treatment



- Animal feed bentonite

- Fertilizer suspending agents